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Attar for Men

7 products

Ameer Al Oud Attar

Rs.520.00 PKR Rs.1,000.00 PKR

Ajmeri Gulab Attar

Rs.370.00 PKR Rs.450.00 PKR

Black Oud Attar

Rs.480.00 PKR Rs.1,000.00 PKR

Ghilaf e Kaaba Attar

Rs.650.00 PKR Rs.1,300.00 PKR

X Chocolate

Rs.430.00 PKR Rs.550.00 PKR

Dunhil Desire

Rs.499.00 PKR Rs.700.00 PKR

Our Attar for Men Collections in Pakistan

Attar Roll On Perfume will elevate your scent game. Discover Scent Seduce's exciting Attars for Men and use the power of scent to present your unique story. Attars are the pure, undiluted versions of their respective Eau de Parfum.

Our Pure Attars are prepared from pure essential oils and concrete and include no carrier oil or alcohol. Attars remain longer than Eau de Parfums. They are applied with the bottle's stick instead of being sprayed. This is the traditional way for the East to wear perfume. A wide choice of perfume and attar collections are offered at the most affordable prices across Pakistan.

Get a wide variety of attar for men and enjoy the best fragrances.

Attars, also known as ittars, are natural aromatic oils with many advantages. Men use attars for a variety of reasons. As an outcome, we ensure that our attar perfume provides all these benefits while meeting your expectations. 

Enduring Fragrance:

Our Attar fragrance is well-known for its lasting power and effectiveness, making it a popular option for men's fragrances. 


Scent Seduce offers attar in various scents, which vary from floral to spicy. You may quickly find the attar aroma that best suits your personality. 

Therapeutic Benefits:

Our attars are peaceful and pleasant. As a result, they provide therapeutic effects such as calming the mind, lowering tension, and encouraging relaxation. 

Spiritual and Religious Motives:

The divine smells of attar drive spiritual benefits. Attars are also utilised in numerous religious and spiritual activities, including meditation and prayer.

Traditional ceremonies:

Our attars also meet your demand for wearing a unique scent at traditional occasions such as weddings and festivals. Carry the scent of your favourite attar and shine with confidence.

An Alternative to Perfumes:

Attar fragrance can be an excellent natural alternative to chemical perfumes and colognes, with an original pleasant scent.