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Perfume for Men

33 products

Silver Mountain Water Creed

Rs.2,199.00 PKR Rs.3,200.00 PKR

Baccarat Rouge 540

Rs.2,399.00 PKR Rs.4,999.00 PKR

Tobacco Oud

Rs.1,699.00 PKR Rs.3,200.00 PKR

Sauvage Dior Perfume for Men

Rs.1,950.00 PKR Rs.2,500.00 PKR

Ameer Ul Oud

Rs.2,150.00 PKR Rs.3,000.00 PKR

212 Vip Men

Rs.1,650.00 PKR Rs.2,750.00 PKR

White Oud Perfume

Rs.2,150.00 PKR Rs.2,560.00 PKR

Creed Aventus Men Perfume

Rs.2,199.00 PKR Rs.3,000.00 PKR

Gucci Intense Oud By Gucci

Rs.1,850.00 PKR Rs.2,500.00 PKR

Black Oud

Rs.1,999.00 PKR

Bleu De Chanel

Rs.2,299.00 PKR Rs.3,500.00 PKR

Joop Jump Perfume for Men

Rs.1,650.00 PKR Rs.3,200.00 PKR

Black Afgano

Rs.2,599.00 PKR Rs.5,200.00 PKR

Gucci Guilty

Rs.1,850.00 PKR Rs.2,500.00 PKR

Alisha Gold For Unisex

Rs.2,099.00 PKR Rs.3,200.00 PKR

Mont Blanc Legend Men

Rs.2,199.00 PKR Rs.3,200.00 PKR

Davidoff Cool Water Perfume

Rs.1,650.00 PKR Rs.2,000.00 PKR

1 Million

Rs.1,650.00 PKR Rs.2,400.00 PKR

Discover Best Perfumes for Men Collection

Scents Seduce believes that using good perfume is more than just smelling beautiful. It reflects your personality and style. A good scent is like a finishing touch to your outfit, leaving a lasting impression on those around you. We understand how important it is to find the right perfume for your style and personality, which is why we've compiled a list of the best perfumes for men. Our best perfumes for men in Pakistan go beyond simply smelling good; we've chosen smells representing masculinity, power, and seduction perfume. Our top men's perfume selection criteria include fragrance notes, longevity, sillage, and price tag. These quality-inspired perfumes are suitable for any man, regardless of his personality. We believe that every man deserves to smell good and feel confident, and we're here to help you choose the perfume that's perfect for you.

Best Perfume Online Shopping in Pakistan

Perfume shopping has never been more convenient than with our online store. In addition to serving major cities like Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi, Scents Journey now offers online fragrance ordering across Pakistan. Additionally, our website provides a hassle-free buying experience for clients by making product comparisons easy. Finding the ideal scent that represents your unique individuality has never been easier than with the wide range of options at your fingertips.

Our men's fragrances are appealing because they possess a symphony of smells that evoke the many secrets of the masculine soul.

Buy Long Lasting Perfumes in Pakistan

Scents Seduce offers an extensive selection of premium men's fragrances, including Tester Perfumes and  Attars to accommodate the different tastes of every individual. Their unique compositions breathe new life into the fragrances, giving them an ideal collection for men's use.

You can pick from an exclusive selection of fragrance notes, aroma intensities, and compositions. These men's fragrances are impossible to ignore because of their everlasting effects. The seductive top, middle, and bottom notes are the topping on the cake. Aromas from the citrus ambery, chypre leathery, citrus woody musk, and fresh amber woody families are the most popular.

Additionally, our selection of men's perfumes is an ideal complement to any personal grooming routine. If you're looking for a high-quality, long-lasting perfume in Pakistan, go no further than our unique men perfume collection. Our dedication to our customers' happiness is incomparable, and we provide the best online perfume purchasing in Pakistan. Put your favorite scents in your shopping cart now and prepare to be surprised.